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A category to give the author something to do whilst he’s waiting to be interviewed/photographed/extradited.

There was me thinking the work was done…

… but it’s only just beginning.

Actually writing the book didn’t cause me any problems at all, but the last few weeks I’ve had be involved in everything from forewords to covers to websites and Facebook pages.

Having said that, there are worse things you could be doing, and I’m very both lucky and grateful that I have the chance to do something I love.

But with a Scandinavian championship only ten days away, it might be time to put a lid on some of the stuff- otherwise it’ll be the turn or Malmö or Oslo to write a bit of history…

“A Parish Far From Home”

From the preface:

‘This story is not about sport alone. This is a story about what Irish emigrants abroad have achieved despite a lack of resources, despite still living in the shadow of our neighbour across the water, and despite being weighed down by the stupidity of some of the decisions made by our politicians.Even today none of us takes the decision lightly to leave our family and friends and go and try our hand in another country. But if we do … thanks to those who have gone before us, there is often a community ready and waiting to help us out on our arrival … You will find new friends and team mates who will do everything they can to support you. It won’t exactly be the same as your home parish — nothing ever could be. But what you can do is band together with these people to build something new and vibrant that you can all be proud of — a parish far from home.’