Seeing the other side…

There’s always a risk in writing a book about real events and people – not everyone likes how they are portrayed.

My missus isn’t too happy with page 58, and one person who shall remain nameless told me that the story doesn’t really get going until after thirty pages or so- coincidentally, it’s exactly the page where their name is mentioned for the first time…

I’ve heard that some of the lads in Malmö GAA are none to impressed with some of the things I’ve said about their club, but that risk is always there, especially when you compete.

Without the story of the rivalry between ourselves and Malmö that blew up in our first season, there story would have been all the poorer.

The reason they get plenty of mentions- some positive, some negative- is because no team put it up to us like they did last year, pushing us all the way to the wire.

That they did it again this year shows that they are still the biggest force we have to reckon with in Scandinavia.

But if the truth be told, I’m more worried about the wife.

Malmö can only ruin about six weekends every year for me- if she chooses to do so, she can make the rest equally uncomfortable, if not more so.