Helping the penny to drop

The author with broadcaster Matt Cooper, presenter of The Last Word on Today FM.

There is one moment that occurs in every interview or every conversation about the book.

It comes when the person I’m talking to realises that playing Gaelic football – wherever you may be – is not actually that weird after all.

It’s who we are.

It’s what we do.

And where we do it should make no difference.

When that particular penny drops, it all becomes clear. When we leave Ireland, we do not leave our Irishness behind us.

We take it with us wherever we go.

Then the conversation moves quickly on to the people, and that is where the real story is. As I’ve said many times, it might be my book, but it’s our story.

The other great thing has been the love and support of so many people – friends, family and total strangers- who see the value in what we have done and wish us every success with it.

I’ve met a lot of people this week that I haven’t seen for many years, and to hear their words of encouragement and support replenishes and boosts the energy levels.

Much as I miss my family back in Stockholm, this needs to be done, if only to let everyone know that it can be done – that we can go abroad and succeed and not lose our sense of who we are.

And after this visit, we will redouble our efforts. In doing so, we will try harder than ever to help our people back home in any way we can.